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Congratulations to the
Winners of TYE Globals 2019!

Awarded at MIT, Cambridge on June 22, 2019


Best Lean Canvas – 

OH Salad (TIE UP), Koodewale (TiE Lucknow)

Mediscan (TiE Oregon), GameDay (TiE Carolinas)


Best Teamwork – 

Lotus (TiE SouthCoast), Educators of Tomorrow (TiE Houston)

ToyLyft (TiE Melbourne), Volunticity (TiE Seattle)


Best Execution – 
Charcoholic (TiE Hyderabad), Phoolvari (TIE Delhi),

Clean my Eco (TiE Atlanta), Farmani (TiE Chennai)


Best Customer Validation – 

XR Glove (TiE Silicon Valley), Connect Sports (TiE DC)

Coastline Wrapping (TIE Vancouver), Game Day (TiE Carolinas)


Elevator Pitch

Coastline Wrapping (TIE Vancouver)


Maker’s Faire

Coastline Wrapping (TIE Vancouver)


3rd Prize 
XR Glove (TiE Silicon Valley)


2nd Prize

Mediscan (TIE Oregon)


1st Prize 
Coastline Wrapping (TiE Vancouver)